Less failure, better growth

Day-old chicks are vulnerable. Especially during transport. A constant body temperature during transport is crucial. With state-of-the-art climate-controlled vehicles and certified drivers, Chickliner ensures that your chicks are transported under optimal conditions. This way, we help you reduce downtime and contribute to growth in the start-up phase.

Chickliner has more than 30 conditioned vehicles for transporting day-old chicks. From small transporters to trucks with trailers for large shipments. With these we provide transport from hatcheries to poultry farms throughout Europe and beyond.

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In our trailers, we monitor the temperature at multiple points to ensure that all chicks maintain the correct temperature throughout transport.

Mathilde Clarke - Hazeleger

Optimal control over temperature and hygiene

Before every shipment, we clean and disinfect the vehicles according to a set procedure in our certified car wash. We carefully transport your chicks in special, conditioned vehicles. Laminar ventilation ensures that every layer in the vehicle has exactly the same, even temperature.

We continuously monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels with a modern climate control system. We monitor the temperature of the intake air, the return air and the temperature in the loading area. A backup system ensures optimal conditions for your chicks even in the event of calamities.

The data? We record this minute by minute. We are happy to share the reports with you. This way you always know in detail how your chicks have been transported. Transport is carried out by certified poultry drivers. They drive in a controlled manner and load and unload carefully. They are also familiar with all relevant procedures, for example for transporting day-old chicks to airports.