Exactly the right temperature, optimal hygiene and accurate planning are essential topics in the transport of hatching eggs. At Chickliner you are assured of high-quality attention for your shipment. With our high-quality knowledge and modern vehicles, we contribute to an optimal breeding process.

Chickliner has more than 30 conditioned vehicles for the transport of hatching eggs. From small transporters to trucks with trailers for large shipments. We provide transport from hatcheries to poultry farms throughout Europe and beyond.

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We use data-driven logistics and vehicles with advanced climate systems to match the hatching process in detail.

Marten Hazeleger

Optimal control over temperature and hygiene

Before each shipment, we clean and disinfect the vehicles according to a fixed procedure in our certified car wash. Our drivers also wear spotless work clothing every trip and transport documents are taken on board in sterile packaging. We go to great lengths to prevent contamination.

We transport your hatching eggs carefully. With a modern climate system we continuously control the temperature, so that the breeding process is not accelerated or slowed down. This makes us a crucial link for poultry farmers who opt for on-farm hatching.

The dates of each shipment? We record this minute by minute. We are happy to share the reports with you. This way you always know in detail how your hatching eggs have been transported. Transport is carried out by certified poultry drivers. With a careful driving style they ensure that your hatching eggs arrive safely.