No need to worry about packaging and exporting

Do you want to be able to concentrate fully on your core business? Then we would be happy to take over the packing of your hatching eggs and/or the export process from you. We do this with the utmost care and precision. From packing itself to order management and from documentation to logistics. 

Chickliner Packing and Export Services B.V. is also your reliable customs representative. With our extensive knowledge of international customs procedures and regulations, we ensure the smooth handling of all customs formalities. We guarantee compliance with all regulations and minimize the chance of delays or problems at the border.

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With our modern WMS system Chickliner Online, we are always in control when it comes to packaging and export orders and guarantee that your deadlines are met.

Mathilde Clarke - Hazeleger

Seamless order fulfillment with Chickliner Online

For seamless processing of packaging and export orders, we use Chickliner Online. With this smart WMS system, we quickly, efficiently and accurately take all the necessary steps for your order. Moreover, you always and everywhere have insight and access to all relevant data and documents.

Grip on every step of your order process
Thanks to the central dashboard, all ongoing actions for your shipment and associated deadlines are always visible in real time to Chickliner employees involved in your order. This minimizes errors and delays.

Error-free, automated document generation
Chickliner Online automatically generates all necessary documents such as invoices, packing slips and pro forma documents. This saves a lot of time and ensures error-free processing.

Error-free, automated export notifications
Thanks to the seamless integration with NVWA E-Cert, we submit export notifications automatically. This makes stagnation due to manual errors a thing of the past.

Real-time stock and production updates
Automatically report your stocks to us. You can submit your stocks and daily productions via email or WhatsApp, which will be processed fully automatically in our system.

Always access to your data and documents
With Chickliner Online you can access all data and documents of your order(s) anytime and anywhere. Of course Chickliner Online is well secured, your data and document