The WMS for the poultry sector

Fast, efficient and error-free fulfillment of packing and export orders from poultry farmers and hatcheries. That's possible with Chickliner Online, our Warehouse Management System for the poultry industry. Packed with useful features and smart integrations that contribute to streamlined work processes, meeting tight deadlines and complying with strict protocols and (customs) formalities.

Chickliner Online is specifically designed to seamlessly handle packaging and export processes.

Marten Hazeleger

Discover the convenience of Chickliner Online

With Chickliner Online we set a new standard in order processing, data registration and communication with poultry farmers and breeders. 

Clear dashboard
Thanks to the central dashboard, all ongoing actions for shipments and associated deadlines are always visible in real time, minimizing errors and delays.

Automated document generation
Manual paperwork is a thing of the past. Chickliner Online automatically generates all necessary documents such as invoices, packing slips and pro forma documents. 

NVWA E-cert integration
Thanks to the seamless integration with NVWA E-Cert we submit export notifications automatically. This makes stagnation due to manual errors a thing of the past. 

Real-time stock and production updates
Automatically report your stocks to us. You can submit your stocks and daily productions via email or WhatsApp, which will be processed fully automatically in our system.

Secure user access
Chickliner Online is accessible via your own user account, with which you can log in anywhere and at any time. Of course, we have ensured proper security, data segmentation and multi factor authentication. 

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