Poultry has been our passion for generations

As a family, we care for your day-old chick and hatching eggs at the most vulnerable stage.

Mees hazeleger


The year is 1991. As the son of a chick breeder for many years, Mees Hazeleger has seen the care that goes into creating the optimal conditions for hatching eggs and day-old chicks.

However, things are often different on the road. Then there is far less focus on a constant temperature, the perfect humidity level and the right oxygen content. Hazeleger wants to change that.

Chickliner's self-developed logistics approach sets new standards in hygiene, climate control, data and tracing and safety. As a result, Chickliner is becoming the European specialist in transport of day-old chicks and hatching eggs.

The passion for poultry transport is now shared by the second generation (four sons, two daughters) and more than fifty enthusiastic Chickliner employees. They know how important hatching eggs and day-old chicks are in your business process. And that's why they keep going until you are satisfied.


On the road daily throughout Europe and beyond

  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • France
  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • Morocco
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Spain

Ever innovative poultry transport


Mees Hazeleger establishes Chickliner. As the son of a chick breeder, passion for poultry is not unknown to him.

We purchase the first trailer with a cooling system. This will allow us to transport chicks in even better conditions.

Chickliner is growing fast. That is why we are moving from Lunteren to larger premises in Barneveld.

We are literally pushing boundaries with a transport to Russia. Chickliner is the first Dutch transporter to go that far for chicks and hatching eggs.

Together with HatchTech, we are developing a special trailer with an advanced climate control system. This will increase our range even further. Day-old chicks to Morocco? No problem!

Chickliner is moving to Renswoude. This is where we have plenty of space for our growing fleet and a large, certified car wash for cleaning and disinfecting the vehicles.

The passion for poultry is contagious. The second generation of Hazeleger enters the family business.

A major fire destroys Chickliner's premises. Fortunately, the vehicles are spared. Within two days, we are up and running again. That's the Chickliner spirit!

We continue to grow and so we welcome the opportunity to take over our neighbour's premises. This will allow us to move forward for a while!

To further unburden customers, we are launching Chickliner Packing and Export Services. With this, we provide packing, labelling, certification, handling of customs formalities and airport clearances.

We introduce Chickliner Online. This advanced system for Chickliner Packing and Export Services is meant to streamline our order management, register data and fullfill customer request seamlessly, while always meeting the deadlines.

It started with one truck, now we have over thirty Chickliner vehicles. The fleet consists of twenty-six trucks and eight vans!